The word "Shangri La" appeared for the first time in the novel "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton. Perhaps Shangri La is assumed to be a place in the Himalayas, which everybody can find. An abode of peace, inner tranquility and eternal bliss-Nepal. Dreamland for tourists ! The mountains, the culture, the people-everything is almost fantasy like in this lind.

In recent years this is even more so, since more and more of Nepal's hitherto forbidden regions of the wide ranging and desolate Himalaya were opened up to tourist. Regions that were previously penetrated only by adventures disguised as natives. But they are left behind many dreams.

To pitch camp at the foot of the soaring Dhaulagiri, Lamjung Himal and the Annapurnas. Or the greatest of them all, Everest.
To penetrate the deep gorges and cross or raft the swirling rivers.
To encounter and frightening beings who ruled over the external snows - at the top of the mountains, the abode of the gods, where no mortal might trad unpunished.
In addition to all this, however the Himalayas were the home of the hidden, peaceful valleys where good people live, eternally youthful, forever warm and smiling, in perfect harmony with one another.
Shangri La
And Welcome to it. We at President Travels look forward to seeing you in this our enchanting world.

Managing Director

Managing Director Mr. Bhola Bikram Thapa


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