Nepal ,they came to Nepal in the dawn of time before the first light of history. They came to Nepal, the saints, the seers, the sages, and the soothsayers. And in Nepal they found peace. Some settled. Some moved on to other places where the presence of heaven is near. But all of them left something of themselves behind.No Muni, a mystic, gave his name to Nepal and brought early Hinduism.Gorakh nath, a sage and soothsayer, gave his blessings and foretold of wonders to come.Gautam Buddha, born in Nepal, gave a new religion that spread from this small country until one third of the people of the world embraced it.Guru Padmasambhava, from the novelist of early India, brought miracles which are still to be seen in the North of Nepal.The saint Manjushri, with his sword of wisdom, settled Nepal's biggest valley - the emerald valley of Kathmandu.Each asked the Gods to be kind to Nepal, and the Gods heard and the Gods payed heed.And Nepal came to be what is today, a slender beautiful root between two gigantic boulders that are India and China, a root that has observed the best of two worlds and flourished on a rare genius compounded within its bounds.So there is much to see in Nepal's roughly rectangular 55,000 Sq. Miles. A march of Himalayas guard the North, the forested foot-hills shroud the south where in the dense forests Tigers prowl. There might well be Yetis and Snow Lions in the snowy citadels, certainly there are some of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest, which the intrepid Sherpas, the famous mountain guides, called "Chomolungma" which means " The mountain over which no bird fly.

In between the forests and the snows are the valleys filled with monuments and cultures and a forever cheerful people happy with to share their wonderful land and legends with you.
And President Travel & Tours can make an already small Kingdom easily reachable for you. We at President Travel & Tours can help you join in the blaze of festivals that follow one upon another in Nepal, the world's only Hindu Kingdom where Buddhism and Hinduism and a myriad of other religions touch, and a simple smiling people accept one anothers' festivals with joyousness. A poet of Nepal once referred to his country as a garden of flowers where each plant is different but they all live together adding luster and richness.
This is true.
Come and meet Nepal the President Travel & Tours way, the gentle, leisurely, luxurious, legend filled, knowledgeable way.                  


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