The upper part of the Terai belt, on either side of the first pre-Himalayan hills (Known as the Siwalik or Churia Range), is an expanse of marshes, thick jungles and tropical forests. Those sections of this region that have not been secured as National Parks. These preserves of the Terai constitute by far the richest wildlife zone of Nepal, and one of the best natural areas in Asia.

Nepal's best known and most accessible national park, also it's first was established in 1962. The Royal Chitwan National Park is situated in the Rapti Valley about 120 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu and covers an area of 932 square kilometers of floodplain jungle and elephant grass at an elevation of 150 meters above sea level. An estimated 300 Great One Horned Rhonos and about 200 Royal Bengal Tigers inhabit Nepal's National Parks. About 40 of the tigers inhabit the Royal Chitwan alongwith another rare fish eating crocodile-the Gharial. The other animals you are is likely to see include the languur and rhesus monkeys, jungle and civet cats, mongoose jackals, otters, martens, porcupines and squirrels. River dwellers include the Gangetic Dolphins. Other species are the pangolin, rattle, python, King cobra and the Bengal Florican. More than 400 species of birds have been identified at this park. Scattered east and west of the Royal Chitwan National Park are other government wildlife reserves. The Koshi Tappu reserve, in the Koshi flood plain of the eastern terai is home to a rare herd of 65 wild buffaloes and thousands of migratory birds. The Royal Suklaphanta reserve in the southwest, on the Mahakali river plain, was established as a grassland reserve for 1500 endangered swamp deer. The Royal Karnali reserve also in the west comprises 368 square kilometers of riverine terrain at the foot of the Siwalik hills. Thirty two species of mammals, including Nepal's second largest tiger population and 250 varieties of birds are found here.

There are various modest lodges and camps situated in the park environs, and President Travels and Tours has varied and enchanting programmes in these forests. A 'Jungle walk' with a trained naturalist, conoeing on the River Rapti and the Dhungra Khola in a dug out canoe, besides exploring aquatic game and riding a buffalo cart, are some of the more enjoyable programmes. We will not let you miss the elephant ride into the interior of the jungles to spot those rare game.

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