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The Park

The Royal Bardia national Park, situated in the mid far Western region, is the largest and most unspoiled wilderness area in the terai, covering an area of 968 sq. km. The park, a sub tropical jungle, is thickly forested by sal trees and carpeted grass, savannah and riverine vegetation. The north is bordered by the Churia hill range, the west by the Karnali river, while the Babai rivers cuts its course almost through the middle of the park. On the southern fringe of the park are the villages of the unique and indigenous Tharu people of Western Nepal. Considered as one of the mostSunset view from the park picturesque national parks in Asia, it teems with rich and diverse flora and fauna.

The park is home to more than 30 different mammals, including the langur and rhesus monkey, civets, hyenas, wild dogs, sloth bears, otters, blue bulls, deer and wild boars. It is a regenerated habitat for endangered animals like tiger, rhinoceros, wild elephant ( the park harbours the biggest wild tusker in Asia) and black buck, Gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles the great game fish-masheer and the Gagentic dolphin cavort in the rivers waters. The unique birds which number over 350 species include cormorants, egret, strokes, geese, jungle fowls, king-fishers and endangers species such as the Bengal florican, silver-eared mesia and the saurus crane thus making the park truly a bird watchers paradise.

 Within the park are several open grassland (phants) where game viewing is excellent. Many of the forest tracks throughout the park also offer excellent game viewing. And when you can take  in the sights and sounds of the wild  without necessarily having to give up on your creature comfort, what more could you ask for……?

 At Rhino Lodge Bardia, we do just that. We give you a comfortable home in the jungle.

Rhino Lodge Bardia
Rhino Lodge Bardia is conveniently located only 5 minutes away from the park, 15 minutes from the park headquarters and 3 minutes from the elephant stable. The lodge consisting of comfortable cottage accommodations have attached bathroom with hot and cold water is spread over a large
Rooms at Rhino Lodge area amid a peaceful and beautiful setting of well-manicured lawns, walkways and gardens full of flowers and plants. There is a separate dining hall where delectable Nepalese and Continental cuidines are served. This is also an ideal place for guests to garter in the evenings and share the day’s experience with each other.

Rhino lodge is situated in a unique location for you to explore the park. During your stay, you will be treated to a whole roster of exciting activities. We will take you on elephant back to view wild animals in their natural habitat. This exciting jumbo ride guided by expert mahouts will take you across water courses and grassland  and provides the best vantage point for observing the wildlife of the area. We will also make forays, deep into the jungle of which will be accompanied by experts naturalist who know the area well.

 We will also make forays deep into the jungle on the four-wheel drive vehicle and enjoy not only the drive but also frequent sightings of the park’s unique animals. Next, there will be nature walks in the jungle as well as bird watching and village tours all of which will be accompanied by experts naturalists who know the area well. A culture programme performed by the Tharus will be highlight of your stay with us

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