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Nepal lies between the two Giants of Asia, Tibet the autonomous region of the People's Republic of China on the north and India on the rest i.e. East, South and West. Its a sovereign independent kingdom lying between 80?4_ and 88?12_ east longitude, 2622_ and 304_ north latitude. Nepal is rectangular in shape having 885 k. m. in length and breadth varies from 145 to 241 k. m. north to south. The climates are also different as the country has been divided into three main geographical regions:

01) Himalayan,

02) Mountain and

03) Terai Regions

01) Himalayan Region ranges between 4887 to 8848 meters high in altitude and is very cold as the snow remains round the year.

02) Mountain region on the Mahabharat range have the altitude upto 4877 meters and the Churiya range on the south of Mahabharat have the height varies from 616 to 1524 meters. This mountain region covers about 64% of the total land. The climate in this region is Moderate.

03) The Terai Region on the south of Churiya range is very hot in summer which covers about 17% of the total land. The altitude in this region is 70 to 315 meters from the sea level and is 26 to 32 k. m. in the width.

Nepal, the land of mighty, challenging, Himalayas, abode of the Gods of the Hindu pantheon, birthplace of lord Buddha, the light of Asia.

Nepal, mysterious kingdom of sun and mist, of lush tropical forest and glistening snowy peaks, green patterns of rice paddies and ochre thatched huts. A growing metropolis where the wildest dreams of key huddle in forgotten shadows. Nepal, where the adventures into experience will start.


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