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Tibet is a most unusual and beautiful land. The majority of this land rests above 4000 meters (13,000 feet) and is partially surrounded by mountain ranges. The awe-inspiring Himalayas are the highest in the world, as is the never ending Tibetan plateau.

Tibet is a place for the rugged adventurer as well as the spiritual wanderer. A land that is held back in time and houses many secrets. Nomads remain much the same as they did one hundred years ago. Then, there are the monasteries which are striving to find a place in a country that's crashing into the twentieth century.

The Tibetan people and their religion have been inseperable. Even in their earliest myths one finds references to the Tibetan's religious beliefs. Originally, the Bon religion dominated Tibet. After the introduction of Buddhist statues and later sanskrit documents from India, Buddhism crept increasingly into the Tibetan culture. Tibetan Buddhism is the culmination of some early Bon beliefs, Indian buddhist texts and several great lamas. Buddhism and politics had been interwoven since King Songsten Gampo married a Chinese and a Nepali princess, who were both intergral in the emergence of Buddhism. It was the Fifth Dalai Lama who actually built the Potala Palace as the government seat and a religious center. A theocracy had prevailed until 1951.

After centuries of virtual isolation Tibet is cautiously opening up to the western world. Officially, China has only opened the doors for travelers these past few years. A visit to Tibet is a marvelous experience, although it is not for the faint-hearted. The traveling is difficult, adventurous, and unpredictable. The infrastructure is poor to non-existent, making a simple road trip a complete adventure. Traveling in Tibet is not a simple trip but an experience of a lifetime which we invite you to take with us.



Tour Code: Royal / Tibet 22 - 8


Day 01 Flight KTM / Lhsa: Morning transfer to Kathmandu Airport for Departure by CSWA flight SZ-4008 .............KTM/LXA at 10:00 hrs. This one hour trans Himalayan Flight will give you an opportunity to have an aerial view .............of the Mt.Everest and other Himalayan Peaks (Weather permitting). Arrive Gonggar Airport around 14:00 hrs. .............(local time) -.Meeting / assistance at the Airport and transfer to Lhasa City (3650m.), which is about a 100 kms. .............Drive and takes .approx. 2 hours.

Day 02 Sightseeing in Lhasa: It the morning visit Jokhang Temple, the most sacred and oldest temple in Tibet and also Brkhor Street, Bazaar famous for Tibetan Handicrafts and Antiques.

.............Afternoon visit to Sera Monastery, the second largest Monastery in Tibet.

Day 03 Sightseeing in Lhsa: Morning visit Potala Palace, one of the wonders in the World.

.............Afternoon visit Norbulingka - former Summer place of the Dalai Lamas.

Day 04 Lhasa / Gyantse: After early breakfast depart for Gyantse (3950m.) via beautiful lake Yamdrok Toso lake, the .............fortress city which is about an 8 hours drive from Lhasa.

Day 05 Gyantse / Shigatse: Morning visit to Kumbum Pagoda, one of the best architectural work in Tibet.

.............After Lunch in Gyantse depart for Shigatse (3900m.) which is about a 3 hours drive from Gyantse.

Day 06 Shigatse / Lao Tingri: After early breakfast visit Tashulumpo Monastery the seat of the great Panchen Lama, .............and .the largest Monastery in the region of Shigatse. After this visit depart for Lao Tingri (4342m.) which is about .............7-9 .hours drive from Shigatse, visit Sakya Monastery enroute.

Day 07 Lao Tingri / Zhang Mu: After early breakfast depart Lao Tingri for Zhang Mu, which is about 7-9 hours drive .............from Lao Tingri. You will also be able to see a magnificent Panorama of the northern flanks of the Himalayans and .............other side of Mt. Everest on the way.

Day 08 Zhang Mu / Kodari / Kathmandu: After early breakfast and completing the immigration / Custom formalities, .............walk down-hill for approx. 1.5 hours towards the Friendship Bridge on Tibet / Nepal Border, where our .............representative will meet you and transfer to Kathmandu which is about 116 kms. Drive and takes about 5-6 hours .............from Tibet / Nepal Border, under normal Road conditions.


Tour Code: Royal / Tibet 23 - 10

Everest Base Camp (10 days )

Our latest Tibet trip flys you from Kathmandu, with stunning views over the Himalayas, into the tranquil Lhasavalley.Then, you will embark on an overland adventure which takes you to Everest base-camp and along the same route early explorers took to reach the border.

Day 01 Enjoy the most spectacular flight in the world. 1hr. 10 min. to Lhasa (3,660m) with views of the entire Himalayan .............range.

Day 02 Take it easy today and this evening stroll around the Barkhor bazaar.

Day 03 Visit the two most renowned monasteries of Lhasa; Drepung and Sera.

Day 04 Visit the world famous Potala Palace and go through the Jokhong Temple in the afternoon.

Day 05 Begins your overland adventure with a full day drive to Gyantse. Along the way you cross the Khamba La pass .............(4794m) and the Kara La pass (5010m), both grant spectacular veiws. After the Khamba La you come to .............Yamdrok Tso, also known as the Turquoise lake. You'll want to have your camera ready.

Day 06 Is a busy Day. In the morning visit Gyantse stupa and monastery followed by a 2 hr. drive to Shigatse. Here see .............the.giant Buddha in the famous Tashilunpo monastery. The seat of the Panchen Lama.

Day 07 Takes you to visit Sakya monastery. Here you can spend the afternoon enjoying the scenery. You'll spend the .............night the Tibetan truck stop town of Lhatse.

Day 08 Begins with the Tsho La (4500m) and ends with the spectacular view of Mt. Everest from Rombuk .............monastery(5,000m). Relax tonight and stroll around the monastery.

Day 09 Get up early and start the 2-3 hour leisurely walk (1-way) to the base-camp (5,200m) itself. You should return .............early afternoon to head to Lao Tingri. Lao Tingri is a small Tibetan town that offers the best view from a toilet that .............your liable to get any where in the world.

Day 10 Make sure you have some photos left for the panoramic view of the Himalayan range as you cross the Lalung La .............pass (5050m). On your way to the border town of Zhangmu you may visit Pelgyeling monastery where Milarepa's .............cave (Tibet's most famous Yogi) is situated. This evening relax in Nepal.



Tour Code: Royal / Tibet 24 - 15

Kathmandu / Kailash / Kathmandu ( 15 days )



Tour Code: Royal / Tibet 25 - 20

Kathmandu / Kalish / Lhasa ( 20 days )

Day 01 Drive from Kathmandu ( 1303m.) to Kodari. Trek 8 km to Zhabngmu ( 2220). Overnight at Zhangmu Hotel

Day 02. Drive from Zhangmu to Mala (4000m.0 via Menhating and Tong Pass (49990m). Overnight (O/N) in Camps.

Day 03 Drive from Mala to Saga ( 4840m) crossing the river " Yarling Tsangpo" by ferry. From Saga drive to Tsongpa .............(4500m) and break camp in between Baryang ( 4520m) and Overnight in Camps.

Day 04 Drive on further towards Mayumla ( 4900m) and stay overnight near the river banks Drive from Saga to Sigar. ............O/N at Hotel.

Day 05 Cross the Mayumla pass and drive to Lake Mansarovar (4520m). Over night in camps.

Day 06 Day free for rest. Purification bath in the holy lake etc. O/N in camp.

Day 07 Drive to Darchen ( 4700m) . O/N at Hotel in Darchen or in tents.

Day 08 Start trek around Mt. Kailash ( 6656m0 O/N in tent

Day 09 Trek and cross the Dormala pass (5600m).O/N in tents.

Day 10 Trek and return to Darchen. O/N in tent.

Day 11 Start return journey by driving up to Samsang. O/n in tents.

Day 12 Drive from Samsang to Tsongapa. O/N in tents.

Day 13 Drive from Tsongpa to Saga or Mala. O/N in tents.

Day 14 Drive from Saga or Mala to Zhangmu. O/N at Zhangmu Hotel.

Day 15 Trek 8 km to Kodari and drive to Kathmandu.

Note : If you are interested to end your Kilash tour to Lhasa, The route will be as following:

Day 14 Tsongpa. Overnight in Camps.

Day 15 Drive from Sigar to Sigatse. O/N at Hotel.

Day 16 Drive from Sigatse to Gyantse. O/N at Hotel.

Day 17 Drive from Gyantse to Lhasa. O/n at Hotel.

Day 18 Lhasa Sightseeing. O/N at Hotel.

Day 19 Lhasa Sightseeing. O/N at Hotel.

Day 20 Drive to airport to fly to Kathmandu.


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