Sarbodaya is an organization in Nepal comprising of 7 women and 6 men advisors its aim is to increase self reliance of Nepalese members, a growing circle of friends and allies a gender balanced; development of the country, with their special focus on women.


1 Education only for rural women & children of 70 classes (supported by of PACT/Nepal & UNICEF)

2. School building of 6 rooms for rural children supported by Canadian Co- operation Office (CCO)

3 "Employment for rural women" training and "Bamboo manufacturing" and "making cane furniture" (supported by CCO)

4. Micro Credit Project for Women (MCPW) for rural women (500 women have already started their own business in the rural area of Theliya & BARMAGlYA)

5. Compulsory saving in 70 groups at Rupnagar and Diman by the help of Asian development Bank ,Japan & Norway government through the N.G,0 support unit & Hlis Majesty govt of Nepal.

6. Drinking water project has been, completed in V. D. C. Theliya by the help of NEWAH.

7. Livestock farming for women by the help of S. W. C

8 Poultry, Goat and pig keeping for 25 women in the rural area of Baramaghiya by the help of Josiare Perrier Catomen Program , (J.PC.P) from Switzerland for 25 women,

9. Trickle UP program for 25 women in the rural area from New York.


1. Three young women with four years Of experience in the field of M.C P.W., Management Leadership and proposal writing working in the field of M.C,P.W

2. Three young women trained in the field of safe drinking water, health and sanitation, Small business training, livestock farming and Training of Trainers (TOT).

3. One young and energetic accountant

4. 50 trend teachers for non-formal education

5. Five Supervisors trained in TOT

6. two PEONS


1. Strengthen rural and urban communities that are breaking up due to media-ied consumerist lifestyle; migration; fragmentation of communities and families, and erosion of tradition and culture.

2. Creat a social security nets for the welfare of the needy women, the oppressed and the disadvantaged.

3. Help the highl y motivated, but untapped Nepaii women come into the mainstream country's development.


Sarbodaya members and volunteers will use indigenous methods, door to door campaign and specific fund-raising approaches outlined below for the establishment of Sarbodaya fund

Sarbodaya will:-

1 .seek lead donors who can give annual!

2. seek individual solicitation through Sa odaya volunteers, members and staff.

3. reach out to Nepalese and triendfs of Nepalese living abroad

4. conduct cause-related marketing through partnership with the corporate sectors, and

5. organize events and campaigns.

Sarbodaya will mobilize these funds to support development initiatives taken up emerginhg rural women’s group

Sarbodaya will identify and train a cadre of gender balanced field-based development workers to help disseminate Sarbodaya philosophy, potential beneficiaries and also facilitators, networks and monitors,


You can help Sarbodaya by dohating on a regular basis. You can also make a one-time lump sum donation, which you can dedicate to your beloved once.

You can also help Sarbodaya immensely by spreading word on the ideologies, your belief and trust in Sarbodaya, which will have a multiplication effect. When you urge your friends and relatives to help us Nepalese help ourself.

Be a friend of Sarbodaya pledge your cause, donors

in Nepal can deposit their contribution to Sarbodaya Rural Development Organi7ation, current a/c no. 183 , Nepal Bank Ltd., Branch office, Kanchanpur Saptary, Nepal and please inform Sarbodaya of your donations, Nepalese and friends of Nepal in the USA, AUSTRALIYA, SWITZER LAND, CANADA, JAPAN ENGLAND, HON KONG, GERMANY& INDIA.

My pledge to support Sarbodaya , I appreciateand support Sarbodaya's efforts to build a self - reliant and equitable society .

I will became a friend of Sarbodaya through an annual contribution of Rs______________

I will make one time lump sum grant of Rs._______

I will dedicate this donation in the me._______

I would like to be more involved in Sarbodaya activities .

I have given my phone number below please call me.