About Us

Dear Adventurers
Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom!

We are a leading trekking operator in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, dedicated to make every dream of adventure holiday in the exotic land come true. 

We offer variety of trips to our clients suitable to all ages with quality leadership, excellent value of money and excellent  personalized service. Our prices are hard to beat, as we are a locally based company. Your adventure holiday is in one of the poorest nations in the world and we have taken into account that the major portion of your money paid will remain in the country. Our adventure trips have been researched and developed by the directors and leaders based on their experience and feed back received from our past clients. We can provide you with first hand information on the trips that you are interested in. Our highly experienced Sherpa guides and reliable porters can take you to the remotest area. They are proficient and take great care to protect local environment leaving only footprints. We use quality outdoor equipment to give you comfort in difficult terrain also. Our expedition cooks will serve you with wholesome and pleasing meals. Our policy has always been to take only small group not exceeding 15 persons in a group. We invite all lovers of adventurers to join in one of our trip for the adventure of a lifetime! If you make SMA your adventure partner, you can be assured of a memorable adventure holiday in the Himalaya.

SMA Staff.

The combined effort of the trekking crew and the leader plays a positive role on the success of your holiday. We use local leaders who are from the mountains. With years of experience and proper first-aid training, they are great people to show you the Himalayas. They are reliable, professional and dedicated and capable of handling any unexpected situation. They also have knowledge of local flora and fauna, culture and many people find their closest contacts as great insight.

Budget Minded Adventurers

Adventure travel in the third world country requires a lot of preparation. Fulfilling government formalities, organizing equipment, food and finding reliable guides and porters are time-consuming and often frustrating job for independent travelers. They visit different local agents for free information and buy partial services. But at the end they are confused with the prices and places and sometime pay more also. Therefore, it makes a good sense to join a fully organized commercial trip

The Environment.

We are fully committed to preserving Himalayas fragile environment. We do not burn firewood for cooking on our treks - we carry kerosene and gas stoves. We are very careful with rubbish disposal and bring back all non-degradable rubbish.

Medical Kit

We carry a comprehensive medical kit in all our trips. Our leaders are trained in first aid and are capable to help our clients in general medical cases.


SMA uses several best hotels. Services in the hotels available are restaurants , shops, postal and room service, security boxes and laundry service.

Private Group Arrangement and Group Discount

We offer very competitive discounts on group booking and can also arrange specifically tailored program's to suit your requirements. Please write to us for more information.

Tailor Made Itinerary for Incentive Groups

Incentive travel is very popular in Nepal. Its capital Kathmandu has all the necessary facility for holding international standard conferences, meetings and seminars at International Convention Center and halls of deluxe five star hotels. Incentive holidays combined with short adventure tours, luncheon parties at the Himalayan meadows and monasteries can make your incentive holiday a memorable one. We have lots of experience and can furnish you with interesting concepts for tailor made itineraries. Please write to us for more details.

Filming Co-ordination

Nepal offers best locations and subject for filming. We can assist for filming unit, which includes fulfilling necessary government formalities, transport, food and hotel accommodation, supply of junior artists, local technicians and location hunting services. We have already handled three movies of Mumbai based producers.


Tailor Made Budget Trips for School Groups

Adventure trips can help in a great deal in the curriculum of schools by exposing the students to different and most challenging region in the Himalayas. Reasonably fit school children of 14-17 years can undertake trips to Himalayas and even climb small Himalayan peaks easily. We can tailor exciting adventure trips to suit the school groups according to the interest, time and budget. Please write to us for more details.

Kathmandu Valley Rim Treks

Treks in Kathmandu valley rim can be organized for those trekkers who have limited time. One need not go out of Kathmandu valley for trekking. One to four days treks can be organizes in the valley rim. The experience in the valley rim also can be compared with extended duration treks out of Kathmandu valley. Please write to us for more details.

Pre-departure Information

Upon receiving your booking we will send you a booklet containing detailed trip information covering every aspect of visiting the particular place and detailed advice on all you need to know for your trip.