The trekking infact is the only and bestway to explore Nepal’s unrivaled natural beauty and culturally rich areas and is the bestway to see and experience the real Nepal. The vast contrast in altitude and climate found in Nepal has helped sprout an eqaully striking concoction of pristine nature and divergent lifestyles. Trekking in the high country of Nepal is both for cultural and wilderness experience. The villages in the hills are picturesque, inhabited by diverse ethnic communities like Magar, Gurungs,Tamang, Rai/Limbus etc who has earned their name in British/Indian army as famous gurkhas. Further in the Himalayas you will experience the well acclaimed sherpas for expeditions or for herding their yaks. In the middle valleys the community like Newars, Chetris etc, are found and in the terai belts you will find Tharus, Maithalis etc.. While in Nepal you will greatly experienced and get absorbed by the different culture and costumes, a completely different world, the world of Shangri-La.

Nepal since 1950, has been getting the people in quest of snow clad Himalayan giants. Nepal has 8 tallest peak among 14 in the whole world. Since early 19th century the mountains have been posing tempting destinations and all kinds of challenges to all human being. Annapurna 1 is the first over 8000m mountain that was climbed in 1950 and Edmond Hillary & Tenzing Sherpa first climbed Everest, the highest point on the earth in 1953. Besides these there are other giants like Kanchenjunga (8587m), Lhotse ( 8516), Makalu ( 8463m),Cho Oyo ( 8201m), Dhaulagiri ( 8167m), Manaslu ( 8163m). Nepal also offers hundreds and more of other trekking peaks all over the Nepal in the north that is equally very challenging to summit.

Wild Life safaris
Green jungle of Nepal is just as exciting & adventurous, as mountains. Due to diverse topography & climate, Nepal is the home of amazing great varieties of animals & birds. There are over 850 species of birds in Nepal. Many of these birds are rare & endemic species. Big cats like Tigers & lessors cats find their habitat well to survive in jungle. One horn rhino are the amazing animal that exists only in Nepal besides India. Nepal as one of the best safari destination in the world. Chitwan national park, one of the finest national park of Nepal alone hold over 50 different species of mammals, among which some are endangered species, many amphibians, numerous reptilian species etc and over 450 species of birds. There are many national parks and reserves

( Chitwan, Bardia & Suklaphnata, Kosi Tapu) that protects the flora & fauna in their natural habitat.

Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking
Nepal is also one of the best destination in the word for water sports. Most of the rivers are glacier fed that runs directly down from the mountains, so their rapidity & currents are as varied as the topography. Sunkoshi ( tenth wildest river in the world),Tamur, Karnali offers best range of scenery & rapids for longer floats and offers participants to develop adeptness and expertise .Kali gandaki, Trishuli, Seti and Marsyngdi, Bheri rivers are for medium time range and suitable even for first time thrills. Hence, Nepal’s thundering waters coming from the glaciers of mighty Himalayas provides the unmatched thrills for rafting and kayaking and immersing oneself in the landscape is not an experience to be forgotten easily.

Mountain Bikings
Nepal also offers challenging roads & trails those climbs up thousand of meters to reach the breathtaking viewpoints & reward with exhilarating descents. Almost traffic free roads, spectacular natural scenarios & the hospitality of Nepalese make this lands genuinely a cycling haven. Kathmandu valley has a vast network of roads, tracks & trails suitable & pleasurable for riding through by bike. Dhulikhe, Kodari, Hetauda, Narayanghat & Pokharas are other destination for wonderful biking experience.

Mountain flight.
Mountain flight is the most popular, easiest & quickestway to have the close encounters with Nepal’s wonderful Himalayas with the Everest. There are many airlines in operation for this scenic flight everyday


Hot air ballooning
Hot air balloon is newly introduced adventure sports & it is getting the popularity day by day. Flying with the green Mahabharat mountains all around & the clusters of human settlements & lush green fields right below, floating in the basket room or the room with a view is invariably is great experience of lifetime.

Helicopter Sight seeing.
One of the most exciting ways to view Nepal is from the safety of helicopters, due to their maneuvering capability. Helicopters can be used for exhilarating heli-hiking trips & the mountain flights as well as for conducting rescue operations, aerial surveys & similar other missions.


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