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Camping trek is done in fully supported with all food provisions, staffs, gears & equipments. This is the bestway to venture in the remotest area, on off the beaten path to explore the Nepal in real sense of experience & see the people, culture, landscapes, mountains, rivers & its rare species of wildlife. We have trained staffs who can take you to the remotest part of this country very comfortably & enhance your enjoyments in every aspects. Your belongings will be carried, different taste of food will be served & all the logistic will be taken care. All you have to do is enjoy yourself & experience the excitements of your lifetime being alive.

Adventure Excursion Tour
Ex Kathmandu round trip – 09 DAYS leisurely adventure tours

This trip is an introduction to soft adventure in leisurely way. We will take you down to float on the exciting waves of river Trishuli & followed by the exciting wildlife safari in the finest Chitwan national park of Nepal . The sight seeing tour in Kathmandu at the same time will offer the cultural experience of Nepal.

Itinerary: -DAY01/02-Kathmadu/city tour DAY03-05–Raft/Chitwan national Park DAY06 -Pokhara DAY07/08-Kathmandu/leisure day DAY09-Trip concludes.


Himalayan Birdwatching Adventure

Nature tour/trek in Chitwan/Pokhara/Koshi Tapu/Annapurna
Ex- Kathmandu round trip - 26 DAYS w/11 day Introductory trek & city tours

This is this the extended tour of Nepal birdwatching tour & involves 12 days of easy walking for relatively short distance app. 4-6 km /day. Middle hills near the Annapurna massive offers many different species of birds with stunning mountain views, which are likely to be found at lowland, at Chitwan & Koshi Tapu area.

Itinerary :-DAY01/02–Kathmandu/birddwatching DAY03/04-Pokhara DAY05/14-Commence birdwatching trek of Annapurna DAY15-Return Pokhara DAY16/18- Chitwan National Park DAY19/21- Kosi Tapu DAY22 –Kathmandu DAY23 -Trip concludes

Season/time - Oct to Feb for winter migrants & Feb to May for summer migrants


Nepal Mountain Biking Adventure

Biking in the backroad of Kathmandu valley
Ex-Kathmandu round trip- 09 DAYS w/ 06 days of
Introductory biking adventure .

This tour explores on & off road experience in Kathmandu valley, We bike the important places. Mountain bike in & around Kathmandu valley is also bestway to experience the cultural assets of Nepal where there is no regular road condition is available

Itinerary :-DAY01/02–Kathmandu/biking tour DAY03/06–Biking tour Bungamati/Nagarkot

/Dhulikhel/Panauti DAY07/08 - Kathmandu /free day DAY09 -Trip concludes


Shivapuri Nagarkot Excursion

Kathmandu valley rim trek
Ex- Kathmandu round trip – 09DAY w/4Days introductory trek.

Kathmandu valley rim offers abundance of lush green forest, rolling & terraced hills for short hiking. Yet, far from maddening crowds but near to Kathmandu. This hike offers breathtaking panoramic mountain views of Langtang, Ganesh Himal & Jugal Himal range in the north & birds eye view of Kathmandu valley in the south.

Itinerary: - DAY0/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03/06 –Trek DAY07/08- Kathmandu/ free leisure DAY09-Trip concludes.


Royal Skyline Trek

Ex-Kathmandu round trip - 11 DAYS w/3 Days introductory trek 2 days raft 3Days safari adventure

This trip is undertaken in the Annapurna foothills that follows the Prince Charles trail. The spectacular views of Annapurnas, Machhapuchhare, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung, Himchuli etc. with cultural experience, makes this an excellent trip. Exciting whitewater thrills & wildlife safari follows the trek

Itinerary: -DAY01/02–Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Pokhara DAY04/06 –Trek/return Pokhara DAY07/09–Raft/Chitwan national park DAY10/11-Kathmandu/leisure DAY12-Trip concludes.



Ex Kathmandu round trip- 15 DAYS w/ 5 day Introductory trek 1 day Raft 3 day Safari

We trek in the northwest of Pokhara valley (Panchase hill -2550m) with the stunning views of Annapurnas, Dahulagiris, Machapuchare & other spectacular Himalayan peaks. Other highlight are the friendly people along the trail & our trekking crew who will be eager ever to lend helping hands to enhance your enjoyments & comfort to make your trip very wonderful experience. The trek then is followed by the exciting whitewater rafting & wildlife safari in the Nepal’s finest national park.

Itinerary: -DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03–Raft DAY05/06 -Raft/Chitwan national Park DAY07-Pokhara DAY08/13-Trek/Pokhara DAY13/14 Kathmandu/ leisure DAY15-Trip concludes.



First time great trek with river cities & jungle
Ex Kathmandu round trip - 19 DAYS
w/ 10 day Introductory trek 2 day Raft 3 day Safari.

This trip is also taken in the foothills of Annapurna massive with spectacular mountain veiws in more detail and we approach nearer to the majestic mountains like Annapurna South, Hiunchuli & Machapuchare. The village of friendliest people gurungs, magars etc who has earned their fame as the gurkhas, greets you very warmly & welcomes you to experience their cultural aspects. At the same time our expert crew will make this trip a very exciting & memorable trip of your lifetime & this trek that combines with white water excitements & safari

Itinerary :- DAY0/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03- Pokhara DAY04/13-Trek /return Pokhara DAY14-Raft DAY15/16-Raft/Chitwan National Park DAY17/18-Kathmandu/free day DAY19-Trip concludes.



Village trek
Ex Kathmandu round trip -13 DAYS w/ 7 days Introductory trek

Taken from Pokhara towards the north eastward on off-beaten track,offers beautiful landscapes, stunning mountain views & great cultural inhabitant gurungs of one of the largest village Siklis in this region.

Itinerary DAY01/02-Kathmandu/ city tour DAY03 –Pokhara DAY04/10 –Trek/return Pokhara DAY11/12 –Drive Kathmandu/free day DAY13 - Trip concludes.



Ex Kathmandu round trip -14 DAYS w/ 08 days Moderate trek

This is a moderate adventure trek on the unbeaten track towards the Mardi Himal before the Annapuran ranges & Machapuchare. As we approach to the north the views of these mountains are very spectacular.

Itinerary: -DAY01/02–Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Pokhara DAY04 /11-Trek /return Pokhara DAY12/13 –Kathmandu /leisure day DAY14 -Trip concludes



Piper phesant’s/ other sanctuary.
Ex Kathmandu round trip
- 17 DAY w/11 day Moderate trek

Also called other sanctuary, this trip is taken in the remote & on totally off-beaten path towards Machhapuchhare, Anapurna range in the north of Pokhara & in the east of Annapurna bases camp. This also offers an excellent area for Himalayan views with flora, fauna & birds of different species.

Itinerary: - DAY01/02-Kathmandu DAY03-Pokhara DAY04/14–Trek/return Pokhara DAY15/16-Kathmandu./leisure day DAY17-Trip concludes



Annapurna/Dhaulagiri trek.
Ex Kathmandu round trip -19 DAYS w/ 14 days Adventurous trek

A wonderful trek to the Annapurna south base camp on off-beaten path. The lake Khair at 4000m is the scriptural & pilgrimage destination for Hindus. It offers breathtaking views of Dhaulagiri & Annapurna

Itinerary :- DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Pokhara DAY 04/16 -Trek/return Pokhara DAY17/18 –Kathmandu/leisure day DAY19- Trip concludes.


Upper Mustang/Lomanthang- the walled city
Ex Kathmandu round trip - 18 DAYS w/ 11 day Adventurous trek.

A great trip that involves tour to the land of Lo-Manthang, in the extreme border of Nepal & Tibet that offers tremendous & wonderful experience for rich cultural treasure of this restricted area, an expensive trek but worth trip to have once.

Itinerary:- DAY01/02 -Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Pokhara DAY04/15-Jomsom /trek/return Jomsom DAY16/17-Kathmandu /free day DAY18-Trip concludes.


Trek into the northern frontier
Ex Kathmandu round trip - 27 DAYS w/ 22 day Adventurous trek

This trip is taken to another area of extreme remote and high elevation that forms the northern frontiers to Tibet. This is very hard trek and involves crossing the Larkya La( 5240m) and encircling the mighty Manaslu Himal to emerge into the Marsyangdi valley in the east.

Itinerary: - DAY01/02- Kathmandu/ hotel/city tour DAY03-Gorkha DAY04/24- Trek/Pokhara DAY25/26 - Kathmandu/ leisure day DAY27-Trip concludes.


Kanchenjunga/Makalu trek
Ex Kathmandu round trip - 17 DAYS w/11 day Moderate trek

flower.jpeg (14493 bytes) Highly recommended trip that take you to the eastern Nepal of Milke danda that has the huge collections of Nepal’s national flowers-Rhododendron species and the mountain like Kanchenjunga (third highest) & Makalu and culturally makes this trip wonderful.

Itinerary :- DAY01/02–Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Biratnagar/ Basantpur /camp DAY04/14-Trek/return Biratnagar DAY15-Kathmandu /leisure day DAY17- Trip concludes.



Ex Kathmandu round trip - 27 DAYS w/ 21 day Adventurous trek.
This trip takes you from very low Arun valley to the high Everest area through the series of passes. The trail goes through very remotest area, off the beaten path & offer stunning sceneries, culture & above all the greatest mountains on earth- Everest, the highest peak.

Itinerary: - DAY01/02–Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Biratnagar /Hille/DAY04/23-Trek /Lukla DAY24 -Kathmandu /leisure day DAY26-Trip concludes.


Ex Kathmandu round trip - 20 DAYS w/ 14 day Adventurous trek

This trek is taken into one of the remotest part of Nepal in the northwest of Kathmandu but equally very rewarding due to mountain views & cultural aspect. Mountains like Ganesh Himal range, langtang etc. makes this area very scenic and this is the least trekked area in Nepal

Itinerary: - DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03- Dhunche DAY04/17-Trek /return Dhunche DAY18- Kathmandu /leisure day DAY20-Trip concludes


Wild west of Nepal.
Ex Kathmandu round trip -17 DAYS w/10 day Moderate adventure trek

Rara lake at 3060m of elevation & one of the biggest lake in Nepal is located in the remotest part of northwest Nepal. The trip in this area provides finest landscape & mountain views.

Itinerary :- DAY01/02- Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Nepalgunj DAY04- Jumla DAY05/14- Trek Rara/Jumla DAY15/16 –Nepalgunj/ Kathmandu/ leisure day DAY17-Trip concludes.


The land of Snow leopard.
Ex Kathmandu round trip –26 DAYS w/18 days Adventurous trek

Dolpa in the farwest north Nepal is one of the finest locations for adventure trips due to breathtaking mountain views, landscapes & the culture. The people there still practice the Bon-po religion. The other high light of this area is the flora and fauna. This is also called the land of elusive snow leopard, blue sheep & Himalayan black/brown bears. The trek is harder one due to the remotest area, high pass and difficult logistics.

Itinerary: - DAY01/02 –Kathmandu/city tour DAY03 –Nepalgunj DAY0 – Jumla DAY05/22 –Trek-Juphal via Dolpo DAY23/24 - Kathmandu /leisure day DAY25 -Trip concludes




The Tea House or Lodge trek is taken mainly in the area of Everest, Langtang and in Annapurnas so far due to the opening of comfortable Inn/lodges run by the very friendly family member of various ethnic communities like Gurungs, Magars, Sherpas, Thakalis and Tamangs. This trek not only enriches the cultural experience but also provides their warm hospitality that is likely to be found in other parts of world. This trek also drops minimum environmental effect if taken in proper guidance by well-established adventure travel agencies and helps the locals to generate their incomes for betterment of their life long.


Ghandrung Trail
Ex-Kathmandu round trip – 10 DAYS w/ 4 days Leisurely adventure trek

Relatively an easy and short trek in the Annapurna foothill but still offers an excellent view of Annapuran and Machapuchare Himal & visit to Ghandrung, a fairly large gurung settlement just infront of the Annapurna South & Hiunchuli makes a great experience even in short period of time.

Itinerary:- DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03- Pokhara DAY04/06-Trek /return Pokhara DAY08/09- Kathmandu/free day DAY10-Trip concludes.



Ghorepani Poon Hill Excursion
Ex Kathmandu round trip - 12 DAY with 06 day Introductory trek

One of the best, easiest & short trip in the Annpurna area. Ghorepani Poon Hill at 3200m offers the stunning mountain views - whole Dhaulagiri range, Annapurna & Machapuchare with the best sunrise on these peaks in the early morning. The cultural experience is the other good aspects of this trip enroute.

Itinerary: - DAY01/02 –Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Pokhara DAY04/09 -Trek /return Pokhara. DAY10/11-Kathmandu/leisure day DAY12-Trip concludes.



Annapurna Sanctuary (Annapurna base camp)
Ex- Kathmandu round trip - 18 DAYS w/ 12 days Moderate trek

Trek to Annapurna base camp offers the 360 degrees of unobstructed mountain views ( AnnapurnaI,Annapurna South, Machapuchare,Hiunchuli, Gangapurna, tent peak etc.) from the base camp which is breathtaking experience to have from very close range just from 4000m of elevation. The culture, flora and birds of this area also highlight the trek.

Itinerary :- DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Pokhara DAY04/15-Trek/return Pokhara
DAY16/17-Kathmandu/leisure day DAY18-Trip concludes



Shaligram Trail ( Jomsom/Kaligandaki)
Ex- Kathmandy round trip - 17 DAYS w/ 11 days Moderate trek

This trek offers the two different culturally rich area of lush green landscape & high rugged & barren landscape with the stunning views of the mountains. The trail goes through the deepest gorge, formed by two Himalayan giants (8000m peaks- Annapurna and Dhaulagiri). This is also the oldest valley & the fossil remains ammonite also sacrad to Hindus are still found embedded in the Kaligandaki river bed. Culturally one can experience the Tibetan Buddhist culture at highland and Hindu at lower land.

Itinerary: - DAY10/02-Kathmandu/ city tour DAY03-Pokhara DAY04/14-Jomsom /trek/return Pokhara DAY15/16- Kathmandu/leisure day DAY17-Trip concludes



Round Annapurna( Classic Annapurna trek )
Ex-Kathmandu round trip - 27 DAYS w/21 days Adventurous trek

In this trek we encircle the whole Annapurna range through the two great valley of Marsyangdi & Kaligandaki divided by the pass Throngla ( 5430m). A great trek with great varieties of landscape, mountain views and the culture that is spectacular everywhere we venture making one of the best adventure treks in Nepal Himalayas.

Itinerary :- DAY01/02- Kathmandu/city tour DAY03-Beshi Sahar DAY04/24-Trek /Pokhara DAY25/26- Kathmandu/leisure day DAY27-Trip concludes.



Langtang Valley Trek( Red Panda trail)
Ex-Kathmandu round trip - 16 DAYS w/10 days Moderate trek

This trek is commence from Dhunche to Langtang valley in the further north of Kathmandu valley & offer an excellent choice for far from crowded trails in Everest & Annapurna area. The mountain view of Langtang towers over the valley & Ganesh Himal range is very spectacular. We combine Langtang valley & - a sacred lake of Hindus, Gosainkund. This area is also rich in flora, birds & rare endanger Red Panda can be seen.

Itinerary :-DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tours DAY03- Dhunche DAY04/12 -Trek DAY13-Return Dunche DAY14/15-Kathmandu/leisure day DAY16-Trip concludes.



Instant Everest. (Everest/monastery trail)
Ex-Kathmandu round trip - 14 DAYS w/ 7 days Moderate trek

One of the most spectacular trek in the Nepal Himalayas. The trek offers the greatest Himalyan giants like tallest mountain on this planet earth- the Sagarmatha or Everest with Lhotse, Thamsherku, Kantega, Kusun Kang , Kongde ri, forming a breathtaking mountain views. At the same time the cultural experience of highlander Sherpa will enrich the trip highly.

Itinerary :- DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tours DAY 03/09-Lukla/trek/return Lukla DAY10/13- Kathmandu/ leisure days DAY14 -Trip concludes.



Everest Base Camp. ( Everest panorama trail)
Ex-Kathmandu round trip - 21 DAYS w/ 14 days Adventurous trek

Harder trek due to high altitude ( upto 5545m), remoteness & rugged landscape, but very rewarding. We trek through the main Sherpa settlements for wonderful cultural experience & every spot will greet you by the majestic & breathtaking mountain views. This area has the huge collection of Himalayan giants with some of them are highest in the world, Everest- the tallest peak in the world with Makalu, Lhotse and Nutptse, the most spectacular peak Amadablam etc.

Itinerary:- DAY01/02- Kathmandu/city tour DAY03/16- Lukla/ trek/return Lukla DAY17/20- Kathmandu

/leisure days DAY21-Trip concludes.




Jiri-Everest Adventure (Classic Everest)
Ex-Kathmandu round trip - 28 DAYS w/22 days Adventurous trek

Another most spectacular trek due to great variation of landscape, mountain views and the cultural point of views as this trek covers the large area till Kalapathar ( 5545m)/Everest base camp, following the traditional route of mountaineering’s used by Edmond Hillary & Tensing Norgay Sherpa in 1953 when they became the first human to stand on the top of the world- Everest ( 8850m)

Itinerary: - DAY01/02-Kathmandu/city tour DAY03- Jiri DAY04/24-Trek/Lukla DAY25/27- Kathmandu /leisure days DAY28-Trip concludes.