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Get In Touch With Us For Finest Typical Nepali Hand Knotted Woollen Carpets.

Carpet1.jpg (80511 bytes) Pioneer Eco-Friendly Carpet Washing And Wool Dyeing In Nepal

Candle1.gif (7440 bytes)Soorya Carpet Industry was established in 2038 B.S in Kathmandu. It produces hand knotted carpet in different colours, sizes and qualities. All the wool, used in export qualityFlames2.gif (22196 bytes) carpet production are imported from Newzealand and Tibet, and cotton yarn from India and local brokers. It produces and exports hand knotted carpets mainly to Germany/ Switzerland/ Belgium/ Austria and USA.


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At present, Soorya Carpet Industry is one of the successful producers and exporters of best quality carpet. It is the pioneer carpet producer which also shows deep concern for environment protection. It is the only carpet manufacture which has received the Nepal Standard Mark. And also for the outstanding performance and superior quality production, Soorya Carpet Industry was awarded gold medal by the Zagreb Trade Fair Com ission in 1979 and APO gold Medal from the Asian Productivity Organization, Japan in 1995.


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Soorya Carpet Industries
Post Box No. 1765, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 221612, 221059 Fax: 00977-1-222915

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