AIRPORT TRANSFER: The Airport Queue Taxi Service Management Committee operates a fixed-rate taxi service from the airport to the city (6 km). The transport is available almost around the clock.

AROUND TOWN: Metered taxis and tempos (auto-rickshaws) can be hailed off the street, though they are a bit difficult to find after sundown. The charge for metered taxis is Rs. 7 at initial flagdown and then Rs. 2 for every 200 meters. There is an extra 50% charge from 8 pm to 6 am. There are numerous taxi companies and all kinds of cars. For night taxis (8 pm to 5 am), call the Night-Taxi Service at Dharma Path (Tel: 224374).

There are buses, mini-buses and three-wheeler tempos that ply on fixed routes at regular intervals. They do not have a schedule and leave when they have enough passengers. However, the services are fairly frequent. Last bus around 8 pm. City buses (that ply within Kathmandu and go to Patan as well as those going to Kirtipur, Banepa, Dhulikhel and Thankot) leave from the City Bus Park located at the eastern side of Tundikhel parade ground. Trolley buses to Bhaktapur leave from Tripureswor near the football stadium.

Rickshaws (two-seater tricycles) are a fun way to get around Kathmandu. They are especially useful for short trips within the old part of the city. The fare should be negotiated beforehand.




AROUND TOWN: There are local buses and taxis. The taxis do not have meters, and they ply on fixed routes. The fare is charged on a per-person basis. You can also reserve a taxi to go to destinations that are not on their schedules.



AIRPORT TRANSFER: Rickshaw, car and bus

AROUND TOWN: Rickshaws are the common conveyance. You can hire an ox cart to travel between nearby villages. Buses are available to go to Lumbini (22 km away). Jeeps leave frequently for Belhiya, the border.




AROUND TOWN: Rickshaw. Buses provide transport to nearby areas. Ox carts are an interesting way to get to the jungle resorts and surrounding villages.



AIRPORT TRANSFER: Rickshaw and car.

AROUND TOWN: Rickshaw. There are local buses if you want to visit nearby towns and villages.




AROUND TOWN: You can travel by rickshaw, pony-drawn tanga, human-drawn tanga or ox cart. Janakpur is also served by Nepal’s only train which you can ride to visit nearby villages.



AIRPORT TRANSFER: Rickshaw, tempo, car and tanga

AROUND TOWN: Rickshaw and tanga. There are local buses to nearby towns and villages.


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