Hand-crafted goods from Nepal were coveted across Central Asia in ancient times for their superior quality and intricate workmanship. Today, the skills inherited from the old masters continue to be practiced with the same devotion to bring you works of art which you will forever cherish.

Garments. Handmade garments like shawls, woolen sweaters, jackets, trousers and caps are very functional as well as interesting articles to take back home.

Gems. Kathmandu boasts one of the widest selections of loose gems in the entire region, often at comparatively low prices. Many stones including ruby, aquamarine, black and green tourmaline, quartz and "healing stones" are mined in the mountains of Nepal.

Jewelry. Apart from necklaces, bracelets, rings and the traditional silver beads made especially in Patan, old Tibetan jewelry also abounds in the markets of Kathmandu. A glass bead market tucked away near Indra Chowk stocks colorful glass beads imported from all over the world.

Khukuri. Khukuri, the curved metal knife, is synonymous with the valor of Gurkha soldiers. Manufactured by local iron smiths with traditional implements, this impressive tool has become a well-loved memento for many people visiting this part of the world.

Metal-ware. Decorative house wares are still made of the traditional copper, brass and bronze and then elaborately engraved. Pieces like karuwa (water jars), anti (liquor jars), bowls and hanging oil lamps are very popular souvenirs — useful ones too!

Music cassettes and CDs of Nepalese classical, folk and sacred tunes are excellent mementos and gifts to bring home. Music provides a link to the culture which will remain with you as a moving reminder of your visit.

Paper products. Traditional Nepalese paper, popularly known as "rice paper", is actually made of lokta bark found in remote areas of the country. Many stores sell writing pads and bound journals, as well as calendars and lamp shades of lokta paper.

Pashmina shawls made from the soft underfur of highland lambs are today among the country’s top exports. Items made from the smooth and warm wool are of premium quality and are prized for their softness and natural colors.

Paubha. These traditional paintings (thanka in Tibetan), depict deities and religious symbols from Buddhism. Painted on cotton scrolls, the best paubhas are made using ground stone pigments to create their vivid colors. Powdered silver and gold are other key ingredients.

Pottery. Extremely proficient in the delicate art of making both terra-cotta and glazed earthenware, Kathmandu’s potters make various articles from the black clay that abounds in the Valley. Their products range from household utensils to inexpensive decorative souvenirs.

Spices. Since ancient times, traders have followed their noses to the spice markets of Asia. Kathmandu’s markets offer exotic ingredients to add flavor to your curries — nutmeg, ginger, saffron, mace, anise, fenugreek, black pepper, coriander seeds and other aromas.

Statues. The casting of bronze, brass and copper statuary in Nepal dates back to the 13th century. Casters in Nepal use the ancient and labor intensive "lost-wax method" in which ornate figures, modeled in bees-wax and used to create the earthenware molds, are melted away and "lost" prior to the actual casting.

Tea. Nepal’s eastern hilly districts, notably Ilam, produce a variety of excellent tea, most of which is exported. Kathmandu’s shops offer a wide selection of fine Nepalese tea in attractive packaging which makes it suitable as gifts.

Wood carving. The expertise of Newar craftsmen in this field can be seen in the intricately carved windows, doors, pillars and latticed art-works fitted in temples throughout the Kathmandu Valley. Ornate doors and windows, picture frames, jewelry boxes and furniture are produced in the workshops of Patan and Bhaktapur.

Woolen carpets. Carpets made in Nepal are hand-knotted using the traditional techniques of Tibet. The best of them are woven from a mixture of the highland Himalayan sheep’s wool and New Zealand long staple wool.


Kathmandu’s handicraft dealers are known for the high quality of the products they market. Most are family enterprises that have been doing the business for generations. Since many of the shop owners are craftsmen themselves or have their own production units, you are guaranteed good prices. But bargaining is usual.



(Tibetan Refugee Camp)

Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel; Tel: 521305, 525237, 527120; Fax: 977-1-527047

We are worldwide exporter, wholesaler as well as retailer of top quality Tibetan woolen carpets, handmade the way it used to be in Tibet. While in Kathmandu, do not miss a visit to our factory. We never forget that our reputation is the other side of your trust.


Patan Industrial Estate, Lalitpur; Tel/Fax: 977-1-522291

Manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of best quality Nepalese woolen carpets, cotton and leather garments, bags, hand knitted sweaters, pure pashmina shawls, thankas, gold-plated statues, silver and gold jewelry, silver handicrafts and wood carvings. We have various kinds of best quality silk and Tibetan carpets. Do not miss to visit our factory.


16/1 Thamel; Tel: 251739; Fax: 977-1-436134; E-mail: qeprs@wlink.com.np

Exporter and retailer of best quality silk and cotton, silk to silk, cotton and wool, and wool to wool Nepalese, Tibetan, Cashmere and Afghan carpets in traditional, Oriental and modern designs. Quality guarantee certificate provided with every purchase.


P.O. Box 8349, Bouddha Tushal; Tel: 471235, 478648; Fax: 977-1-470812; E-mail: kaju@ mpscm.mos.com.np

We specialize in program production and reproduction of ancient Tibetan design carpets using vegetable dyes.


Hotel Tibet Complex, Bouddha; Tel: 481810, 471131; Fax: 487963; E-mail: nepcar@paljor. wlink.com.np

We offer the best selection of traditional Tibetan carpets in town, including silk carpets, in a wide range of sizes and colors. We handle trouble-free shipping to all countries. Major credit cards accepted. (All proceeds from sales go to the socio-economic welfare of Tibetan refugees in Nepal.)



P.O. Box 2313, JP School east face, Chhetrapati; Tel: 240757, 244345; Fax: 977-1-220045; E-mail: craft@ecomail.com.np; Website: www.amrita. com.np

Manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, retailer and dealer in a wide range of handicraft goods of Nepal, silver jewelry, Nepali readymade garments and pashmina.


GPO Box 5741 PCN 090, Thamel; Tel: 438798; Fax: 977-1-438792; E-mail: anima@wlink. com.np; Website: www.virtual-nepal.com/ anima

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of excellent handicraft, woolen sweaters, hand-knotted carpets, cotton bags, garments, toys and statues. We also provide air cargo, air mail, sea cargo and sea mail.


Thamel; Tel: 410595, 410765, 423484; Fax: 977-1-412679, 426454

Specializing in jewelry, wood carvings, metal works, thankas, and statues, Aseatic Traders & Exporters has been the winner of the Handicraft Exporter of the Year Award for the last three years.


GPO Box 8732, Tamshipakha, Naradevi; Tel: 259171, 262785; Fax: 977-1-259010; E-mail: cncrafts@mos.com.np

Showroom: Thamel; Tel: 268968

Manufacturer and exporter of cotton and woolen knitwear handmade in Nepal. Major credit cards accepted. Discounts available. Open 9:30 am to 8:00 pm.


Durbar Marg; Tel: 224871; Fax: 977-1-227552; E-mail: curioart@wlink.com.np

Curio Arts is a reliable name that has been dealing in antique handicraft for a long time. Located in the heart of the city, near the Royal Palace and close to all the star hotels, we specialize in Tibetan and Nepalese works of art.


Durbar Marg; Tel: 255217, 220812; Fax: 977-1-227552; E-mail: devarts@wlink.com.np

Located in the heart of the city at Durbar Marg, Deva’s Arts specializes in Nepali and Tibetan handicraft. Credit cards accepted.


Mannies Arts, Sakya Arcade, Durbar Marg; Tel: 223715, 418036; Fax: 977-1-228816; Website: www.bremen.de/ info/nepal

A well-known name in Tibetan thanka paintings. The high quality thankas produced by Dharmapala use gold and silver powders and ground stone colors.


Kanibahal, Patan; Tel: 520039; E-mail: goodwill@wlink.com.np; Exclusive showroom: Dragon House, 1st floor, inside Bouddha; Tel: 488512; Showroom: Okubahal, Patan; Tel: 521912; Fax: 977-1-522406

We are specialists in copper statues, both big and small. We accept orders and also export worldwide.

KACHALINTA, Himalayan Interiors

Bouddhanath Stupa; Tel: 491434; Fax: 479208; E-mail: kalinta@mos.com.np

A collection of the finest authentic Tibetan furniture, rugs, textiles and Himalayan art. Everything has been selected to represent the best examples of Himalayan decor. Each piece is guaranteed and has been carefully cleaned and restored, ready to be placed in your home. World-wide shipping organized. Visa cards accepted.


Patan Industrial Estate, Lalitpur; Tel: 521358, Fax: 977-1-533307

Manufacturer and exporter of the best quality brass, bronze and copper artworks and figures, thanka paintings and filigree articles, Mahabaudha Bidyadhari Silpa Bhandar is open throughout the week, from 10 am to 6 pm. Visit this well-reputed industry to see for yourself the special lost-wax metal casting process and thanka painting.


Patan Industrial Estate, Lalitpur; Tel: 521412, 524892, 520342; Fax: 977-1-527392, 224466; E-mail: manoj@ mos.com.np; Website: www. travel-nepal.com/crafts/nepalesecrafts

Branches: Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Tahachal, Shop No. 8, Tel: 273322; Hotel Bluebird, Pokhara, Shop No. 2, Tel: 25481, Ext. 312; Hotel Narayani, Tel: 525015, Ext. 315; Hotel Yak & Yeti, Tel: 248999, Ext 2255.

Pay a visit to our showrooms and save money and time because we offer all kinds of Nepalese handicraft such as statues, gems and jewelry, thankas, carpets, wood carvings, leather garments and many more, all under one roof. Nepalese Crafts is a manufacturer and exporter of Nepalese handicraft.


Chhetrapati, JP School Road; Tel: 260379, 251122; Fax: 977-1-260990, -266282; E-mail: sony@mos.com.np; Website: www.travelnepal. com/craft/sony

Wholesaler, exporter and manufacturer of high quality handicraft and garments.


Chhetrapati, JP School Road; Tel: 260379, 251122; Fax: 977-1-260990, -266282; E-mail: sony@mos.com.np; Website: www.travelnepal. com/craft/sony

Wholesaler, exporter and manufacturer. We have been serving our beloved customers for more than 20 years. Remember us for a large variety of handicraft and garments.


Bouddhanath; Tel: 494179; Fax: 977-1-481550

Showroom: Royal Singi Hotel, Lal Durbar, Kamaladi; Tel: 424190/191, Ext. 1054

Finest quality copper statues, traditional silver and gold jewelry, thankas, Tibetan and Nepalese works of art.


Thamel; Tel: 211385, 417030, 415378; Fax: 977-1-423543

Stupa Trading Company has more than 18 years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting Nepalese and Tibetan handloom products.




GPO Box 12260, Kathmandu; Tel: 430613, 613344, 614455; Fax: 977-1-417933, 229044; E-mail: hpwcraft@loktapap.mos. com.np; lokta@unlimit.com; Website: speedweb2000. com/hpwpaper

Drop in for Nepalese handmade paper products, note books, greeting cards, gift boxes, writing sets, files/folders, photo frames, and recycled papers and products.


GPO Box 1689, Tibetan Refugee Camp Road, Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur; Tel: 530860; Fax: 977-1-536215; E-mail: lokta@ mos.com.np

Manufacturer and exporter of lokta paper with two decades’ experience in the field. We offer a range of original and high quality paper and craft.


P.O. Box 7117, Thamel; Fax: 977-1-417108; E-mail: wnc@ccsl.com.np

We are manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of finest quality handmade paper and products made according to traditional methods. We produce notebooks, stationery sets, picture frames, picture albums, wrapping papers, art papers, paintings, calendars, visitors’ books, lamp shades, greeting cards and gift boxes, among others.



Thamel (between Pilgrim’s Hotel and Hotel Thamel); Tel: 423496; Fax: 977-1-424943

Aromatic Nepali Dhoop specializes in hand-made, top quality incense composed of a variety of leaves, flowers, roots, barks, woods, resins, gums, and pure essential oils.



Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel; Tel: 542435; Tel/Fax: 977-1-524097, E-mail: khukuri@ wlink.com. np; Showroom: Satghumti, Thamel; Tel: 412314

Run and owned by an ex-Gurkha officer who has devoted 22 years of his life in the British Gurkhas. It offers 30 varieties of this Gurkha weapon which range from the types used by officers to the ones wielded by traditional farmers. Official khukuri supplier to army units.



Shakya Arcade, Durbar Marg; Tel: 252560, 223715, 230117; Fax: 977-1-252570; E-mail: om@hons.com.np, dcs@info.com.np

Manufacturer and exporter of pure pashmina products. In order to give you a quality product, we do everything ourselves - from the initial stage of wool processing to making of the final product.


Basantapur Plaza, Basantapur; Tel: 230975; E-mail: cashmerehouse@ifnti.com.np

Cashmere House, located in the newly opened shopping complex at Durbar Square, is the manufacturer and retailer of Nepal’s best handmade pashmina and silk shawls of genuine quality. It is the only showroom where you can buy 100% pure cashmere sweaters and about 450 shades of pashminas in different sizes and varieties.


P.O. Box 8954, Kathmandu; Tel: 221475, 246704; Fax: 977-1-241772; E-mail: gdmb@ vishnu.ccsl.com.np; Showroom: Himalayan Shawl, Dharma Path, New Road

Manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and retailer of pure pashmina and silk pashmina products. To give you a quality product, we do everything ourselves - from the initial stage of wool processing to the final product.


Bhaktapur; Tel: 610853, 612244; Fax: 977-1-610290; E-mail: srp@mos.com.np

Office: New Road, Kathmandu; Tel: 220582; Website: www.royalpashmina.com.np

Manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of pure pashmina shawls.



Patan Industrial Estate, GPO Box 1264, Kathmandu; Tel: 521447, 523768; Fax: 977-1-527730; E-mail: wood@carving.wlink.com.np

Created by master craftsmen, our woodcarvings embody the skill and devotion of centuries of devotion. Established in 1967, Wood Carving Industries has provided its wood carvings for notable places like the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, the VVIP lounge at TIA; the Nepalese Embassy in Dhaka; Nepalese temples in the Animal Kingdom of Asia, Disneyland, Florida; the International Labor Organization headquarters in Geneva; a Buddhist temple in Burma and the Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. We export all over the world.


Jawalakhel; Tel: 538827, 419871

Specialized in making carved windows and other decorative wooden items. We use high quality seasoned wood to produce wooden pieces in traditional as well as original designs.



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