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Anybody (not just athletes or mountaineers) with a pair of strong legs, good physical conditions, and the adventurous spirit to explore the exotic, can enjoy the enriching, thrilling and delightful experiences of trekking in Nepal. Eight of the 14 highest peaks in the world are in Nepal within the Himalayan Range - 'the veritable roof of the World'. Nestled under the shadows of these unique vistas of soaring summits are a profusion of lofty foothills, home to many Nepalese who are known for there warm hospitality and friendship. These verdant terraced hills meander down to lush green valleys with turbulent rivers; and to the tropical lowlands and jungles teeming with countless varieties of wildlife.

Trekking Options:

Annapurna Region

The Annapurna region in central Nepal is the most diverse fishtail.jpg (33552 bytes)protected area in the world geographically and culturally, and offers easy to moderate treks of 2-4 to 14-20 days. It includes subtropical lowlands, oak, rhododendron and bamboo forests, high alpine meadows and windswept desert plateaus. It also boasts of the world's deepest river gorge - the Kali Gandaki - Lying some 6,900 meters below some of the world's highest and most scenic mountains.

Everest Region

Everest - at 8848 meters, the highest point on earth - certainly attracts, but there is much more that draws the trekkers and mountaineers to this unique area year after year. The stone-walled field house of ancient villages steeped in history and tradition, golden-roofed monasteries set amidst stunning mountain scenery and, perhaps above all, the Sherpas themselves. Everest region offers a magnificent Himalayan Panorama, which includes five of the world's highest peaks.

Langtang Region

This region is located in central Nepal, north of Kathmandu, close to the Tibetan border. The trek itself follows the Langtang River to the head of the valley where the Kyangin Buddhist monastery is located. From here trekkers can opt for day trips to Yala peak and the massive Langtang Glacier. The Langtang National Park, also in the region, includes Helambu and the Goisakunda Lake, a popular Hindu pilgrimage.

Special Treks

Mustang - Lo Manthang Mustang

The seat of an ancient kingdom dating back to the 15th century, Lo Manthang is situated along the north of the main Himalayan ranges, in the upper reaches of Mustang district. Lo and the surrounding areas within upper Mustang can be climbed as one of the most outstanding areas of the Himalayas. Only since March 1992 was the "forbidden" kingdom of Mustang was opened to the outside world.

Dolpo - Far West Nepal

Dolpo, one of the highest inhabited plateaus in the world, is inside Nepal's northwestern frontier with Tibet. Mush of Dolpo is preserved within the 21,100 square mile confines of the Shey-Phoksundo National Park, Nepal's largest nature reserve.


The Kanchanjunga range with its own share of high summits, including Kanchanjunga - the third highest peak in the world, lies at the northeastern border of Nepal.

River Rafting

Born of Himalayan snow, the rivers of Nepal begin their journey to rafting.jpg (37230 bytes)the seas as raging torrents and magnificent water falls. The continual decent from the high mountains provide natural rapids ideally suited for an exciting adventure. Nepal is earning the reputation for being one of the best place for white water rafting & Kayaking. The combination of spectacular rivers, mountain scenery and a rich cultural heritage make Nepal an obvious river runner's destination.

Wildlife Safari

For those who wish to explore wildlife, tiger.jpg (17428 bytes)Nepal offers plenty of scope. Of the eight National Parks and four wildlife reserves in Nepal, Chitwan National Park offers one of the finest wildlife experiences. More than sixty Royal Bengal Tigers share 1000 square kilometers of the park with the great Indian one horned rhinoceros, leopard, sloth bear and gaur (Indian bison). Wild boar, sambar cheetahs, hog and barking deer drink from water holes where marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles lie. Besides, the heavily forested Chitwan National Park offers nearly 380 species of birds. An elephant safari is one of the best ways to explore wildlife, besides jungle walks and canoe rides.







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