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Mountain Flights

To those who wish to see the gigantic mountains without much of a physical endurance, we offer daily mountain flights. These flights provide close aerial views of a large part of the Himalayan range including Mt. Everest.

Charter Flights

We arrange charter flights throughout Nepal for special interest tourist by air or to haul large loads of cargo or equipment.

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Let moments freeze as you behold the pristine Kathmandu valley and draft along on board one of the most most exciting aerial thrills. An hour on the balloon will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Mountain Biking

Nepal is the ideal setting for mountain biking. You can cycle along off-roads, terraced rice fields, and blue rivers, through small villages and ancient durbar (palace) squares. There are trails suited to all kinds of cyclists - professionals to amateurs.

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The richness of the cultural heritage of Nepal can be measured by the country's many temples, shrines, stupas and palaces. The valley of Kathmandu, which is the capital of this enchanting Himalayan Kingdom, is practically covered with the images of hundreds of Hindu and the Buddhist divinities.

Educational Trips

Nepal is unrivalled in its diversity of cultural, religious and historical identities. If offers immense scope for academic research for those seeking a more challenging pursuit.

Filming & Photography Tours

The scenic beauty, the colourful customs will compel even the most amateur photographer to film his experiences. Filming, photography, documentaries is an excellent idea in Nepal.

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