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Mountain GoatFLORA: More than 6000 species of trees, shrubs and flowers are describe in Nepal. Some of the trekking trails are occupied by largest Rhododendrons trees and jungles in the world, which comes in colour in March/ April. The red coloured Laligurans(in Nepali) is regarded as one of the National symbol of Nepal or national flower. There are 40 species of Rhododendrons found and the huge Magnolia with white flowers, few species of Orchids in the lowlands, a lot of sorts of Jasmine, Mimosas, Acacias, bamboo, weeds, and an infinite variety of herb and grasses(among them the elephant-grass of lowland and yak-grass over 4000 meters) are found in the country.

The southern plains which stretch along the Indian border, called Terai is covered by sub-tropical characterized trees such as sal. The Sal trees are used to product resistant kind of wood which has been traditionally used not only by carpenters but also by wood-carvers for the purpose of magnificent doors and windows of palaces and temples with resisted through years of the monsoon rain. The Bynian and Bodhi tree (tree of Buddha) both from ficus family are regarded as most holly trees and worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists.

The Central Hill region (Pahad in Nepali) has temperate climate, Rhododendron and pines are largely found in the jungles of the pahad region. In other hand the high mountain region has alpine or even arctic climate so trees cannot be found above 4000meters. Some sort of Junipers, Pines, Cedars are found in high area.

FAUNA: With various kinds of mammals, 845 species of birds (which is almost 10% of world!), more than 500 species of butterfly and countless varieties of insects. Some of the guide books says that, "Nepal has to considered as one of the richest natural animal parks in the world."

The rare snow leopards, Himalayan black bear, Red Panda, Musk Deer, Mountain Goat and many other mountain animals are found in the high places like Langtang, Rara, Annapurna,Everest, Kanchanjungha and other mountain regions. Royal Bangal tiger, rhino, leopards, deer, etc. have made their home in terai (lowland) of the country where the Royal Chitwan and Bardiya National Park is situated.

The country is paradise for bird watcher. Chitwan National Park is the home of approx. 5% bird species of the world! Bardiya and Koshi Tappu reserves are other best places to see the varieties of the birds. In the mountain region 5 types of pheasants are found, the Himalayan griffin, and many other species of birds can be seen during the trek in up high.


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