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This document ( keeps track of leading information facilities for the Nepal section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and resources index for South Asia Resource Access on the Internet (Columbia University, USA).

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Flag of Nepal
Other Names & Abbreviations (past/present):
Status: Kingdom
Capital: Katmandu (Kathmandu)
Internet Code: NP

    Networking Resources

  1. AMAA Network Consultant (Kathmandu, Nepal, Lancaster,USA, Sydney, Australia)
  2. Mercantile Communications (Pvt) Ltd. (Nepal)

    Information Resources

  3. Information Links on Nepal (,USA)
    [ Consultancy Firms in Nepal, Current Local Time and Date in Nepal, Diplomatic Missions, Educational, Research and Development Institutes in Nepal, Entertainment and Shopping Centers in Nepal, Financial Investment Information on Nepal, Hospitals in Nepal, Kids Only, Links to Corporate Home Pages on Nepal, Links to Individual Home Pages on Nepal, Nepali Calendar 2052, News on Nepal, Non Governmental Organizations in Nepal, Politics and Government in Nepal]
  4. Nepal files FTP archive (, USA)
  5. Virtual Nepal
  6. Himal South Asia
  7. SAIR [South Asian Internet Resources] (
    [ Search engine for Nepal and other South Asian countries - India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh ]
  8. Himalayan Languages Project
  9. International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
    [ A multidisciplinary documentation and information centre on integrated mountain development, with special focus on the Hindu Kush Himalayas. ]
  10. Nepal Studies Association
  11. Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST)

    Culture & Art

  12. Nepali Literature Home Page (, USA)
    [Nepali poems, stories, essays, dramas and plays, folk songs, folk tales, comedies, literature, book reviews, links to other Nepali Pages]
    Newari art of the Kathmandu valley, Nepal (Khazana,,USA)
    [Avalokiteshvara-Padmapani, Mahakala: A Tibetan 'Vajrayana' God, The Phurpa, Chakra-Samvara-Raja and his Shakti Vajra-Yogini, The creation of Newari Art and its iconography, A short history of Tibetan Buddhist Art]
  13. Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS Web Pages)
    [An interdisciplinary journal published semi-annually by Mandala Book Point, Kathmandu. See the SINHAS Web Pages for table of contents, subscription and notes for contributors.]


  14. Nepal - Travel Resources (, AMAA, USA)
  15. Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya (,Finland)

    Locating Related Web Resources

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