Nagarkot: Situated about 35 km east of Kathmandu & from here one can view mount Everest & other peaks of the Himalays. It is situated at an altitude of 7,200 feet above sea level.

Pokhara Valley: The rare combination of snow fed lakes & river has helped to make the valley of Pokhara one of the most picturesque natural attractions on earth. The simple unspoiled way of life of the local people composed mostly of the valiant Gurungs, lends an atmosphere of ageless surrounds. Unique Pokhara is really blessed by the Gods. It is a rare combination of snow clad peaks amongst the highest in the world, crystal clear groups, streams & gorges picturesque villages inhabited by friendly smiling Gurungs, Magars & the other ethnic groups. The other tourist attraction is the Seti River which has cut a narrow canyon in the Pokhara Valley. Through the canyon, the river flows unseen at places, at an average depth 150 to 200 feet. It is called Seti or the white-watered one because of the foam & forth that creates while squeezing headlong through the narrow gorge. Pokhara valley & the surrounding areas are a hiker paradise.

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