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White Water Rafting

Min. 2 persons
White Water RaftingWhite water rafting is a special venture in the river on an inflatable rubber boat. A river trip is usually an adventure but not always. The most thrilling, exciting and Exotic River trip in Nepal can be arrange with a registered rifting agency only. You have to choose river trip lasting 1 to 12 days on some of the best and exciting rivers in Nepal. These wild rivers rising from the hidden plateau of Tibet cut deep down the rugged sloppy mid-hill of Nepal and then finally meander across the Indian plain to join the holy waters of the River Ganga.

In a country like Nepal, a river trip is one of the best Nobel gateways to explore a typical cross section of the country’s natural as well as ethno cultural heritage. Whether group of friends outing, this action packed jaunt to the foothills will surely become a favorite outing sport of yours for many years to come. The river flows and passes through same of the most beautiful canyons, ethnic villages and landscapes of Nepal. The trip offers full spectrum of wilderness river experiences from the gently flowing stretches to the loud roaring wild and wet rapids. All guides are highly trained and qualified in the aquatic sport for white water river rafting.


Trishuli River   


Duration 1-4 days.


Sun koshi River 

Grade: 4-5,

Duration    9 days.



Grade: 3-4  

Duration    7 days.

River Grade.


Easy, generally flatwater, little current.


Moderate, narrow channels, wave, some physical effortrequired.


Challeging,steep drops, powerful water, possibility of overturning.



  Your choice of the fine river offering excellent rafting canoeing with magnificent scenery through the roaring white rapids in the care of the expert rivermen. The river rafting within a distance of 100 miles where you can see the topographical variations with the rivers rising from the higher points near Nepal’s Tibetan border and then dropping dramatically to lower levels the plains bordering India.



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