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htt9.jpg (18668 bytes)The Country:
Nepal is a mountainous Hindu kingdom nestled in the lap of mighty Himalayas. Landlocked by India from three sides and Tibet autonomous region of China in the north, it is 880 km long and 240 km wide covering an area of about 54, in it's rectangular shape.

The people:
It's population of nearly 20 million is predominantly Hindu. Ruled by a constitutional monarch believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Nepal practices parliamentary from of democracy with guaranteed fundamental rights and constitutional supremacy.

Varies from sub-tropical in the plains to tundra-like in the upper regions of Himalayas. The valley of Kathmandu remains pleasant almost year round.

Entry formalities:
htt10.jpg (21777 bytes)A valid passport for all non-Indian visitors is required. Visas can be obtained from any of the Royal Nepalese embassies or consulates abroad. Seven day is granted on arrival after paying the necessary fees. Any amount of foreign currency except Indian Rupees can be brought into the country but needs to be declared upon arrival. International certificate of vaccination is recommended.Further information can be had from our embassies abroad or from our office.

Kathmandu is connected by flights from Bangkok, Bombay, Dubai, Frankfurt, Karachi, London, New Delhi, Osaka, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore. Inside Nepal, all major destinations can be reached by air from Kathmandu either through scheduled airlines flight or by chartered helicopters. Land transport is available from Kathmandu to all major towns of the country and to Indian and Chinese border.

Kathmandu and Pokhara offers star category hotels. Standard of accommodation varies in less frequented destination. Most of the restaurants served boiled and filtered water but purifying tablets for visits to outlying areas is recommended.

htt11.jpg (26098 bytes)Shopping:
Hand-knotted woolen Tibetan-Napalese carpets and various Handcrafts of wood and metal are the best buys. Silver ornaments, cotton garments and Ilam tea make interesting gifts. Consumables and consumer durables from all over the world can be bought in urban areas.

Travel arrangements:
There are various travel agencies, trekking agencies and other travel service centers in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Himalayan Travels and Tours at Durbar Marg is one of the best. We look after all the arrangement with meticulous care leaving you free to enjoy Nepal and explore it's charms.

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