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lumbini.jpg (26288 bytes)Ever since the evolution of human race, civilization has continued to flourish in this part of the world in the deep jungles of south, in the highlands of Himalayas, in the hidden valleys of middle mountains- almost everywhere distinct cultures grew almost simultaneously.

It is believed that the Valley of Kathmandu was once a lake whose water was drained out by powerful blow of a divine sword of Saint Ne and Nepal was born on its fertile soil. Indo-Tibet trade route passed through high mountain passes and a rich and distinctive culture flourished here. In time, the refined and artistic Newars from the valley fanned out throughout the country enriching the nation with their taste.

Braving the inhospitable terrain of mountain slopes, hill tribes of Nepal set the battle-fields afire in successive world wars and legend of the Gurkhas was born.The highland herdsmen of Himalayans rose to fame as Sherpas as none knew these mountain as well as they did.

In between, men of different origins intermingled freely to produce a comprehensive Nepal culture. Prince Siddhartha from the southern plains of Lumbini rose to be Lord Buddha. Princes Sita from Janakpur captured the heart of Hindus all over the world as the escort of Lord Rama.The smile of a Nepali embodies the charms of all this and much more.

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