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potala.jpg (26832 bytes)To discover the mysterious Himalayan lands of Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim, there is simply no better starting point that Kathmandu. Tibet can be reached overland or by a flight through the Himalayas. A trip to Sikkim and Bhutan gives you a glimpse of Himalayan Panorama as you head east.

Celebrated as the taste Shangri-la, Druk-Yul of the kingdom of Bhutan is the bastion of tradition where a hereditary monarch is revered as the withholder of the faith.A predominantly Buddhist nation, Bhutan has a way of life uniquely it's own. Neighbouring Sikkim, which was once an independent nation before it's merger with India, is very similar to Nepal but has charms of it's own. Close-by is the Hill station of Darjeeling, famous world over for it's toy-train and aromatic tea.

Towards the north of Himalayas is the enigmatic land of Tibet. Despite the absence of Dalai Lama from to Potala palace, the charm of Tibet remains undiminished. Lhasa, Shigatse, Lake Manasarovar in the west and the dry highlands peopled by the Yak herdsmen astride their horses continue to bewitch the travellers from all over the world. Almost closed to the rest of the world for ages, Tibet has remained as a mystery for the outsiders. A trip to Tibet is sure to be a memory of a life time.

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