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The miracle began almost 40 million years ago. Nature caused the collision of Indian Plate with Eurasian Plate folding and faulting the sediments of Thethys Sea and Indian shield into the lofty peaks which we know as the Himalayas - House of snows in Sanskrit. Ever since the civilization began, the magic of these majestic mountains have continued to mystify man. Myth, mystery, miracle, mystiques and magic of the Himalayas have mesmerized mankind for centuries. Ancient Hindu Saints called it Adobe of Gods, Buddhists rever it's peaks and every one look at it in awe.

The name roll off your tongue like the words of a Japanese Haiku - Gauri Shankar, Pumori, Langtang Lirung, Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Makalu and of course - Sagarmatha, the tallest of them all. Over twenty of them are higher than 5000 meters and still rising.

One does not have to be a mountaineer to experience the magic of these majestic mountains. All you have to do to fall under their spell is just have a look at them which you can do from almost anywhere in Nepal - the Himalayan Kingdom in the heart of Asia.

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